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Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay is located in the beautiful Sanya Bay and the new urban area of 'Coconut Dream Corridor'. It is connected with the urban area of Sanya and has convenient transportation. The beach has gentle slope, beautiful curve and clear water. It can avoid the cold in winter and dissipate the heat in summer. It is an international first-class resort with tropical ocean scenery and southern ethnic customs.
It covers an area of more than 18000 square meters, with all kinds of pure Spanish Mediterranean style holiday apartments, inheriting the essence of Spanish architectural style, reflecting the strong tropical coastal leisure and holiday characteristics. Holiday Apartments are only one step away from the coast with the exquisite decoration standard of high star hotel suites. Wide floor glass window, 360 degree sea view balcony. With complete supporting facilities, outdoor swimming pool, chess and mahjong, table tennis room and fitness facilities for the elderly, the apartment is an ideal place for your vacation.
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FAQs when booking at Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay
  • How far is the hotel from Sanya Phoenix International Airport?

    Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay is 2km from the airport.

  • Does Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay?

    Check-in time is from 12:00, and check-out time is 08:00-12:00 at Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay.

  • Does Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a pool, but no gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay?

    Each costs cny15 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Gold Boutique Holiday Hotel Sanyabay?

    The room prices is from cny238, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • d02248140
    The waiter was nice and friendly, but he could post warm pictures in the room
  • godwingao
    The environment of the apartment is absolutely first-class. It is very close to the sea. Standing on the balcony, the vision is quite wide and the community facilities are perfect. In particular, Miss Huang and Director Fu of the property are enthusiastic. When they check out this morning, their families are reluctant to leave here. In the future, as long as they have time to come to Sanya, they will continue to choose here and strive to live more days. By the way, I wish Miss Huang and Director Fu a happy day!
  • d01633475
    The hotel is nice and comfortable. The facilities are complete. I'll stay next time
  • aiyou
    Good, very cost-effective
  • carrie_xu
    The restaurant is good, breakfast and Chinese dinner can be ordered and delivered to your door, convenient, good health and service, good sea view!
  • liujin1015
    The effect of watching the sea is good. The hotel has a large fountain, which is sprayed about ten times a day. It is still sprayed at nine o'clock in the evening. The garden environment and swimming pool are very good! It seems that this hotel has upgraded into a leisure room in Southeast Asia. It has a nice front desk and a sofa. It seems that this hotel has upgraded into a garden view hotel. It has a good business. It's also equipped with a garden view hotel. It's also a leisure room in Southeast Asia! It is also hygienic and clean. There is also a sightseeing elevator. You can enjoy the sea view of Sanya Bay at the same time.
  • maryann1999
    It's OK, but the location is not good. I can take a taxi
  • ninoo
    The time is wrong. It's a day early. But the front desk staff were still very friendly and solved the problem. The hotel is OK, hotel style apartment. not bad
  • lilinsy
    The hotel service is really good. It's very close to the beach.
  • romendlf
    Good hotel, big balcony near the sea! There's a washing machine!
  • luoxingpo
    The room is large, clean and tidy, with a fountain and swimming pool. The environment is beautiful, 50 meters away from the beach.
  • e00074900
    not so bad
  • destination1314
    Not bad
  • annel19871009
    Good, good.
  • e00517592
    This is my first time to travel together by air. The feeling of staying two nights is very warm. After all, when you travel to a new place, you are not familiar with the place. But when you get to Jinde, manager Liu starts to provide warm services from the time he picks up the plane. Because he stayed in the middle of the night, he had a trip the next day, and a coach came to pick him up at seven in the morning. When he asked manager Liu if he had a bicycle to rent and buy breakfast, manager Liu said without hesitation that his battery car could be used, and told him the nearest breakfast street. The next day, when manager Liu got up from the bed and gave me the key to the battery car, he was even more moved. After checking out, when there was no one to ask, manager Liu's patient reply made me feel that the trip to Sanya was very warm. After checking out, my dear said the first thing to me: Although we stayed in the middle of the night, the next day we also played all day and came back to sleep, but these two nights were very good, and my feeling was the same. It's a great stay. Thank you again for your patience.
  • leo1989
    Sea view room, as long as 118, ha ha, it's cost-effective.
  • anxulong An Xulong
    I arrived at the hotel at 2:30 last night. Their manager waited for us overtime. The service was very good when we arrived at the store. When we got to the door, we connected to the hotel. The room was very comfortable. There was a dining table, bathtub and washing machine. The hotel environment was good. The rush purchase of 99 yuan was really worth it. They also instructed us how to take a bus to the scenic spots, very good service, very satisfied.
  • Bragelonne
    The environment and facilities of the community are pretty good. It's just a bit biased. I don't want to come in for a day tour. But the price is pretty good
  • elvintiesto
    It's not very convenient to eat and so on. The decoration and sanitation are very good. There's a feeling of being at home. There's also a free swimming pool in the community. I was originally scheduled for two nights, but my itinerary changed. I stayed in another place for two nights (that place was really frustrating). I only stayed in this place for one night. I really regret that I should stay in Jin's boutique holiday apartment for one more night.
  • o_yes
    Good hygiene and environment, high cost performance.
  • Current LOC cloud
    pretty good!
  • at883865
    Check in on the sixth floor of the hotel, you can have a view of Sanya Bay on the balcony, and the scenery is in your eyes! It's less than five minutes from the beach. The room is very spacious...
  • lotsu
    The room is quite big, very nice! The location is also good. It's very close to the airport. It's good to catch a plane or stay for a short time. The little sister served very well. It's just like the fruit bought around.
  • jsycsy65
    The room is very clean and the supporting facilities are very good. It's very close to the sea. It's only 3 minutes' walk. The balcony is very big. You can see the sea from it. There is no shelter in front of the building, the view is very good, and the night view is also very beautiful. Located in Sanya Bay, to the ends of the earth, Nanshan Temple, the size of the cave are very smooth, tourist bus through. It's OK to go to downtown Sanya and Yalong Bay. The most important thing is that the service attitude is very good. The real staff are very good. We lost our certificates. They gave us a lot of clues and helped us a lot. Finally, it came back.
  • andrew_wong
    Air conditioning is really suck!
  • TT2009
    Cheap, suitable for family travel! Clean and hygienic, with mosquitoes, parents with children should pay more attention!
  • e00166085
    Manager Lin is very good! I can't get a taxi! He sent us to the airport for free! Nice room! I'll check in next time
  • JUNE6
    Not bad
  • Eamoon
  • GloriaM
    The surrounding environment is very good. There is also a central swimming pool. The service is also good. Especially, the front desk waitress is very kind and touching. The room is even worse. There is a washing machine in the room. It's very convenient and close to the sea. I will go there again
  • spiceup
    The special rooms were full when we picked them up. The service staff upgraded the sea view room for free. Everything was very good. It was very close to the airport and the sea. It was worth recommending
  • Docmo273
    Check in many times, good, sanitation, decoration and environment are very good, fountain and swimming pool is so beautiful!
  • lynn_wjj
    The room was very nice, the waiters were also very friendly, and it was convenient to take a taxi out of the gate.
  • dresdenm
    Very nice, very warm
  • freefeetrip
    The hotel environment is very good and quiet. It's still a sea view room. The hotel also has a swimming pool
  • silvermoon
    The service and facilities are very good. I'll stay next time
  • Davidyes
    Good, economical, close to the airport, recommended. Ha
  • idaip
    There is a building in front of the sea view room. Only the side can see the sea. It's very oppressive
  • E04503803
    Cost effective
  • e01182770
    The service, environment and location were very good. The cost performance is very good
  • jessica0133
    There's a surprise. It's close to the beach and the environment is good ~ every time I come to Dalian, I will stay here, clean and good service! In particular, the taste of entering the hotel is very good, fragrant ~ comfortable, neat, rich and delicious breakfast. I'll come next time! Recommended to friends, friends feel the same, it's worth staying! Very happy.
  • xym903
  • spring_pc2010
    The location of the hotel is good. It's only 100 meters away from the seaside. It's a little far away from the dining place, but it's only 2 yuan for a motorcycle. First class hotel environment, with a swimming pool, ready to swim. There are washing machines and cooking furniture in the room. You can try to buy your own seafood. Finally, when you go to the airport for three days, the hotel provides a drop off service. In short, the cost performance is high enough.
  • bjxxy999
    Not bad
  • m05038247
    Great. It's worth staying. I'll stay here next time I go to Sanya!
  • celavie2005
    It's just that the community has been transformed into a hotel. The location is not particularly good. It's better to find a place to live near Haiyue square
  • flipperaa
    Travel is a good choice.
  • lucy_09
    Close to the airport, general! Eat less around! The car is also inconvenient!
  • congmm
    The hotel has poor sanitation, no disposable slippers, dirty toilet, dirty bedclothes, and the entrance door is not closed tightly,
  • batman411
    It's OK, the transportation is convenient, the room is quite big, there's a garden, the facilities and equipment are quite new. There's a large round bathtub, the window sill can see the sea, the vision is wide, it's close to the beach, clean, quiet, the service is also good, it's the most comfortable and valuable one I've lived in, it's highly recommended. It's a good place for business or family travel
  • engusita
    excellent! No more praise! We recommend you to stay at ease!
  • ce7lia
    It's close to the airport, apartment style, and the price is more appropriate
  • flyswat
    I checked in for the second time. It's very close to the airport. The front desk service is also very good. The room is large and cost-effective. I will check in later.
  • e01150107
    Others are OK, but there are too many cockroaches. You can see it when you enter the door.
  • elle-boa
    Very good. The environment is also very good.
    It's a very good hotel with good location and facilities
  • axddd3295
    It's a little different between a residential apartment and a hotel. It's suitable for leisure and vacation. The service is very good. The car should be explained in advance. It's a little far from the city. You can see the sunrise in your room in the morning
  • e00121755
    Good. It's close to the airport. The environment is very good. It's very cost-effective, and the attitude is also very good
  • clipsal.
    Yes, the room is very big and quiet, and you can see the whole sea view! awesome
  • jitianyan
    Very satisfied with the room. The shower on the bathtub can't be hung up. It's inconvenient to wash your hair. It's not convenient to eat.
  • Ainersun
    Near the airport, the noise is too loud, the rest is not good, and the surrounding traffic is not convenient. Xinhao is a self driving tour! The most important thing is that the service attitude is too bad! And the bath is broken! Kitchenware is also bad! It is suggested that the majority of donkey friends make a careful choice!
  • crystalyan
    The hotel has high cost performance, good community environment, complete equipment and washing machines. It's really good
  • junbao112
    I live in the Sea View King Room! The whole large balcony is directly facing the 180 degree sea view. The guest rooms are super clean. The bathroom, bathtub, pool and hardware are like New! The hotel environment is also very good, the geographical location is good, and there is a big sign with LED lights on the roof, which is very eye-catching and easy to find! Full marks for the front desk service. In short, everything is fine! I will introduce relatives and friends to Sanya, which will be the boutique of Sumitomo. By the way! It's close to the beach, about 250 meters! It's cool! The swimming pool is beautiful and free.
  • caobo43
    Very good, breakfast is average!
  • excel
    It's a little noisy. Overall, it's good. There are all kinds of them. It's close to the sea,.
  • time_su
    The service was up to standard! Beautiful scenery! It's very close to the seaside! Praise one!! I'll check in again next time!
  • jty0511
    How can we say that our second kill room is also a sea view room. The room also has 4, 5 and 10 square meters, but the water heater should be turned on very early (at least half an hour). Otherwise, it's easy to use cold water for bathing. The hotel manager is very enthusiastic (it's really a property, because it's an apartment hotel). The towel in the hotel feels unclean and there are unknown stains on it, The toothbrush is very hard, and the soap doesn't bubble too much. There is no hot water to wash the face, but that's the price.
  • jamesgu3
    The external environment is good, close to the sea, the room environment is old, there are too many voices, scary, can't sleep well, and sanitation can't be guaranteed.
  • Cartier
    The service was very good. The plane picked up at more than 2 pm! Room second bargain 199 good, really good! Sincerely recommend! Close to the beach of Sanya Bay for 5 minutes, go to the beach, walk to the intersection, and the bus stops waving! Never take a taxi! The pit is dead!
  • joylgm
    It's really good. The front desk service is very good. The room is the largest hotel I've ever lived in. There's a refrigerator and washing machine inside. The room also has a small balcony. It's very comfortable to watch the sea breeze blowing
  • even_1857
    The greening environment of the community is very good. You can see the sea on the eighth floor and walk to the beach in less than ten minutes. The swimming pool is very large and several, and the water is very clear. However, we are unlucky. The cold air goes south, and the swimming pool and sea water are freezing to the bone. The waiter was very kind and responsible. Her daughter lost the plush turtle bought on Wuzhizhou island. She called the waiter and warmly helped us find and keep it. The clothes were dry the next morning after the washing machine was dehydrated. The shower in the bathroom leaks a little and is not connected with the hot water on the washing table. Because we came back early, the waiter told us how to book a taxi, check out 24 hours and go home smoothly. It's too windy at breakfast. It's too cold these two days